Comparative Bioavailability of MicroActive® CoQ10 Complex to Other Forms Used in Toothpaste


The experiment compared the bioavailability or absorption of MicroActive® CoQ10 as compared to a CoQ10 formulation normally used in other toothpastes.


Gingival (gum) cells were exposed to two formulations. The first, or solubilized form was similar to most toothpaste formulations in which the CoQ10 is melted into the flavor component with the addition of absorbent enhancers. The second formulation was a CoQ10 complex as found in MicroActive® CoQ10 in which the CoQ10 was bound to a natural cyclodextrin molecule.


The results of the study demonstrated that the MicroActive® CoQ10 was about twenty-two times more bioavailable than the solubilized form, meaning that the MicroActive® complex was much more highly absorbed by the cells.


Note: BioActives’ issued patent #7,030,102 describes this experiment in detail. For more information please go to