Bioavailability of MicroActive® CoQ10 Complex When Incorporated Into Perfect Smile Brand Chewing Gum


The experiment was to determine if MicroActive® CoQ10 Complex remained stable in a chewing gum formulation and if it demonstrated acceptable uptake levels by human gingival (gum) cells.


MicroActive® CoQ10 was incorporated into a chewing gum outer layer, similar to the one used by Perfect Smile Corporation. The layer was dissolved in a solution and exposed to human gingival cells. The amount of CoQ10 absorbed by the cells was recorded at baseline (0 time) and then at 30 and 60 minutes. The experiment was repeated twice.


The results of the study demonstrated a fourfold increase in the amount of CoQ10 in the cells after 30 minutes and an almost eightfold increase after 60 minutes. The conclusion is that MicroActive® CoQ10 remains stable and is highly bioavailable when incorporated into a chewing gum such as the one formulated by Perfect Smile Corporation.

MicroActive® CoQ10 in Chewing Gum


Note: BioActives’ patent application #0060024247 describes this experiment in detail. For more information please go to