Perfect Smile Toothpaste Clinical Study

A number of toothpaste products on the market contain CoQ10. Yet, the research showing CoQ10’s effectiveness in fighting gum disease was done with CoQ10 directly rubbed on, or otherwise applied directly to the gums in an oil base. When brushing teeth, the product only briefly comes in contact with the gum tissue. Further, standard forms of CoQ10 are not soluble in water, which is the main media in the mouth when brushing teeth. It would therefore be desirable to directly study a water soluble CoQ10 formulation used in a toothpaste during teeth brushing.

Perfect Smile toothpastes contain water-soluble MicroActive® CoQ10 Complex. A study was conducted to measure the presence of harmful bacteria in the mouth and also swelling that indicates gingivitis. By measuring the antibodies produced by the gum cells in response to bacteria, the investigators were able to show that after four to eight weeks of brushing with a Perfect Smile formula with MicroActive® CoQ10 Complex, the presence of harmful bacteria was reduced as was the swelling in the gums. The conclusion was that Perfect Smile toothpaste containing MicroActive® CoQ10 Complex could be an effective product in promoting oral health. The following is an abstract of the study:

The Efficacy of Perfect Smile Toothpaste Containing Coenzyme Q10- β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex in Reducing Mild to Moderate Gingivitis

Authors: Charles A. Babbush, D.D.S., Doddabele Madhavi, PhD, Daniel Kagan, PhD

Objective: Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has been shown to be an effective ingredient in controlling periodontal disease when used in supplement form or applied directly to the site. This study explored its practical application in a toothpaste.

Methods: To overcome the hydrophobic and poor absorption characteristics of CoQ10, a more bioavailable-water dispersible commercially available CoQ10- β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex (MicroActive® CoQ10) was used in a toothpaste base at 1.5% concentration. A parallel-group double blind study tested a commercially available fluoride toothpaste with the CoQ10- β-cyclodextrin complex manufactured by Perfect Smile Corporation against the same formulation without the complex, as the control. After brushing twice daily, the effects were measured at the 4 and 8 week visits using the GeneEx, Inc. Periodontitis ELISA kit. Oral tissue examinations were performed at the onset and 8 week visits. Positive results were defined as a 20% or greater drop in ELISA kinetic rate.

Results: At the end of 4 weeks, 66.6% of the experimental group showed improvement while only 16.6% of the control group showed the same improvement (r >0.036 ). At the end of eight weeks 66.6% of the experimental group showed improvement by this standard, while 33.3% of the control group showed improvement but this did not reach statistical significance. However, measuring those who showed improvement at the end of 4 and/or 8 weeks showed 91.6% of the experimental group and only 41.6 percent of the control met this criterion. (p<0.027)Measures of improvement in the gingival margin related to changes in the degree of edema at study onset versus 8 weeks post revealed significant improvement in the experimental group. Conclusions: CoQ10- β-cyclodextrin complex toothpaste formulation significantly reduced moderate gingivitis. Further studies are warranted with increased sample size and also for testing the hypothesis on a younger population. The CoQ10- β-cyclodextrin complex has the potential to be incorporated into other oral care products such as gingival massage gels and chewing gum which result in longer exposure times and improved uptake of CoQ10 by the gingiva.